The Hampshire County Public Library is teaming up with the Parks and Recreation Department, along with two private individuals, to put Little Free Libraries in Hampshire and Central Hampshire Parks. For the unfamiliar: A Little Free Library operates on the “Take a book, leave a book” ideal. As an article from the International Literacy Association puts it, “In its most basic form, the Library is a book exchange whereby anyone can stop and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share.” Multiple  people have reported that Little Free Libraries bring about a sense of community to neighborhoods. Little Free Libraries also encourage literacy and reading by literally giving away books; in fact, the Library of Congress commended the Little Free Library non-profit organization this year for it’s work promoting literacy and reading. For more information about Little Free Libraries, please visit or check out The Little Free Library Book here at the library.

HCPL is also interested in placing Little Free Libraries in other locations around the county; preferably locations that are somewhat further away from the library, which would make the Little Free Library a nice stop-gap between library visits. If anyone is interested in becoming a Little Free Library steward or making a Little Free Library for this purpose, please contact the library and let us know!

For future Little Free Library users, here is an article about how to be an awesome Little Free Library patron! And for anyone interested in becoming a Little Free Library steward, here are two helpful articles about maintaining the Little Free Libraries.