It is widely acknowledged that early literacy is very important, which is why we are so excited to hear that the Imagination Library has started back up again in Hampshire County–providing every child who enrolls with a book each month can help prevent the dreaded Word Gap. But what about the kids who are too old for the Imagination Library? Well, we have a few ideas about how to keep them interested in reading too!

First, there’s the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Read-A-Thon Challenge. This contest runs until October 17th and contestants get prizes for registering and can qualify to win a trip to meet Jeff Kinney! So if you have any Wimpy Kid fans out there, this might be a great reading incentive for them.

Second, HCPL now has a subscription to Tumble Books Library, which is a collection of ebooks, educational videos and accompanying games for kids. All that’s needed to access Tumble Books is a computer and a library card number!

Third, Kid Lit TV is an awesome website that has videos of books being read aloud, info about children’s books, interviews with authors and trailers for new books! If your child loves books, likes to be read to, or just likes watching videos and you want to sneak some literature in, this is an amazing resource.